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Tax Preparation and Compliance Services

Our US federal, state and local tax compliance services include the preparation of income tax and informational tax returns for US and non-US individuals, corporations, partnerships, and trusts, as well as the completion and processing of US federal income tax elections and US employer identification number applications for our international and domestic clients.


US Tax Returns for Non-US Companies

Non-US companies with certain US income are taxed up to 30% on these earnings.  This includes income from any trade or business in the US or the receipt of any US dividends, interest or royalties.

If your company is doing business in the US or receiving income from the US you will have unique tax obligations and must file a US tax return in order to declare your income and claim any refunds of US tax you have overpaid. See examples by entity type below.  We can assist you in determining whether you need to file, filing your US tax returns and claiming any tax treaty benefits or tax refunds that you may be entitled to.  We will ensure you meet your US tax return obligations and claim back any overpaid US tax for you.


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