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US Federal Tax Services - IRS Audit Tax Help

If you're being audited, follow these three simple steps: stay calm, get a tax attorney on your side and gather the right documentation.

We understand the requirements of an IRS tax audit, no matter what your unique situation may be. We will take charge of your IRS audit process in your representation with the IRS and make sure you are allowed your maximum rights as a taxpayer.

If you've received notice of an IRS audit, take action and contact us today. We will organize the process and tell you exactly what documentation, tax records and other data are needed – and help you get organized to survive an IRS audit.
We have the experience and knowledge you need to translate accounting and tax law principles as they apply to your audit. We will look at your financial records and know exactly how they fit in to your IRS tax audit procedure.

An IRS audit takes time, organization and a comprehensive knowledge of best practices. Let us guide you through your IRS or state tax audit.

Take the surprise out of an audit.  Get audit ready today!  We will perform an IRS Audit Exposure Review to determine your chances of surviving an IRS audit, and then thoroughly lay a course of action for preparation.  Studies show that individuals and businesses that perform an IRS Audit Exposure Review on an annual basis are much more likely to navigate an IRS income tax audit in their favor. Our tax attorneys know what kind of financial and business events, expenses and deductions are known audit-triggers, and we will help prepare you to avoid or prevail over an IRS tax audit.

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