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US Federal Tax Services - IRS Appeals

Taxpayers have the right to challenge the IRS.  While trying to juggle all the various and sundry moving parts of a busy life — work or school, friends and family, etc. — it can be easy to go into default mode and take certain things for granted. Then, before you know it, you might realize the bank added a monthly fee to your checking account without warning or, even worse, the Internal Revenue Service overcharged you on your latest tax return filing. Although we may harbor a belief that the IRS is totally ironclad and always accurate, even the organization that is known as a stickler for attention to detail makes mistakes.

When the IRS takes steps to collect taxes from individuals and businesses, it must follow the law in the manner in which it does this. There are a series of notices the IRS is required to send to the taxpayer advising them of their rights. It must give the taxpayer the opportunity to respond to the notices or their actions in collections. Even so, the IRS can be aggressive and taxpayers often do not know their rights. Many of the actions the IRS takes in attempting to collect an outstanding tax liability due to an error, an audit or failure on part of the taxpayer to pay their taxes can be appealed, including audits, liens, seizures, levies and so on. 

And you have the right to represent yourself against the IRS, but this would be akin to defending yourself in a court of law against a battle-tested U.S. prosecutor — if you want a real chance to receive the results you justly deserve, you need someone like who has expertly represented numerous individuals and businesses and helped them to retrieve the money they justly deserve or has been successful in getting the balances reduced or forgiven. The options vary greatly based on your circumstances. We can help you too.

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