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US Federal Tax Services - Installment Payment Plan Agreements

It is easier than most people think to get into a serious tax problem.  Many otherwise responsible people find themselves in tax trouble at some point in their lives.  When they do, it is critical for them to talk with an experienced attorney about their options.

If you are in IRS or state tax trouble, you may have more options than you think. These include payment plans (often called installment agreements). Our lawyers can negotiate federal or state tax payment plans that help you stop IRS or state tax levies, liens and seizures.

If you are not financially capable of paying the tax owed in full at this time, you may qualify for a tax installment agreement. A tax installment agreement is an efficient and organized way to satisfy your tax debt once all your tax returns have been filed and the final tax liability has been determined.

An analysis of your income, expenses, assets, liabilities and circumstances will help determine if an installment agreement is right for you. This information will help determine the amount you can afford to pay toward your back tax liability on a monthly basis. A monthly payment amount can then be negotiated to help you pay off your tax debt.

We will thoroughly review and discuss your financial accounts to understand your ability to pay, and will then negotiate on your behalf to obtain an affordable payment plan.

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