Legal and Advisory Services

Legal and Advisory

Our legal and advisory practice strives to provide simple answers to the most complex problems.   We advise clients on issues of estate planning and administration, business and corporate law, real estate law,civil and commercial litigation and bankruptcy.

We offer contract and dispute settlement negotiation services.  We draft and negotiate contracts, either as a part of a series of contracts, or as a one-off single engagement.  We assist in settling disputes both formally and informally, often finding solutions that neither party had previously considered.  


We represent clients entering into agreements, such as partnership or joint venture agreements or contracts for the sale or purchase of property, with the goal of avoiding disputes in the future while striving to achieve the best business, legal and tax result for that client.  

When a dispute arises, we recommend that opposing parties seriously consider resolving their disputes in a manner which avoids having to engage in costly and time-consuming litigation. We represent clients in various forums based upon an agreement by parties, including binding and non-binding mediation, arbitration, mini-trials, and settlement conferences.